Your Board-on-Board Cedar fence is an investment in your home. With proper care, it will provide years of beauty and privacy. Here at Reed Fence & Deck, we’re committed to helping you keep your fence looking its best. Follow these maintenance tips to ensure your cedar fence maintains its rich color and stands strong against the elements.

Preserving the Beauty: Maintenance Tips for Your Board-on-Board Cedar Fence

Understanding the Importance of Maintenance

While Western Red Cedar is naturally durable, even the toughest materials benefit from regular care:

  • UV Protection: Sunlight can cause fading or graying over time. Stains or sealers with UV protection help preserve the wood’s color.
  • Moisture Resistance: Unsealed cedar can absorb water, potentially leading to warping or discoloration. Sealing helps repel moisture.
  • Protection is Prevention: Regular maintenance defends your fence against rot, insect damage, and other issues that shorten its lifespan.

Should You Stain or Seal?

  • Stains: Offer color customization and UV protection. Transparent and semi-transparent stains let the wood grain show through, while solid stains add bold color.
  • Sealers: Focus primarily on water resistance. Clear sealers preserve cedar’s natural color, while tinted sealers add subtle warmth.
  • The Best of Both: Many products combine stain and sealer for ultimate protection. Be sure to choose products formulated for exterior cedar.

Cleaning Your Cedar Fence

Before staining or sealing, lightly clean the fence:

  1. Gentle Wash: A mild soap and water solution with a soft-bristled brush can remove dust and dirt. Or, use a pressure washer on a low setting carefully.
  2. Tougher Stains: Try a specially formulated deck/wood cleaner for stubborn stains or mildew.
  3. Rinse and Dry: Thoroughly rinse away any cleaning solution and allow the wood to dry completely before staining/sealing.

Reed Fence & Deck: Your Maintenance Partners

Keeping your fence beautiful doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We can help!

  • Product Advice: Our experts can recommend the best stains and sealers for your cedar fence and specific needs.
  • Maintenance Services: Need help? We offer fence cleaning and staining services to restore your fence’s vibrancy.

Protecting Your Investment

A little care goes a long way in ensuring your Board-on-Board Cedar fence provides lasting beauty and security. Choosing high-quality materials from Reed Fence & Deck is the first step, regular maintenance is the next!

Need help maintaining your fence or discussing your options?

Contact Reed Fence & Deck today. We’re here to ensure your backyard dreams last for years to come.

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